Chuck Dries

Software Engineer in web & VR

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Software Developer, Axosoft

[email protected] / 602.618.0414

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A brief history of Chuck & tech

I'm a software engineer with experience in photography, digital and print graphic design, teaching, and leading. I've been "into computers" my whole life, but I didn't really get into the technical stuff until middle school, where I had to learn about networking and bash to run a minecraft server. Today, I do most of my work in JavaScript and I experiment with VR and game design in my free time.


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Projects & Experience

More projects coming. For now, check my github or email me.

1st Place

Desert Hacks '17

Virtual Keyality

A VR typing game.

The idea started as something of a joke, but after prototyping we realized that we stumbled upon a killer feature: when you're wearing the headset, you can't see your keyboard.

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Unity C# Virtual Reality SteamVR Hackathon projects

3rd Place

OHack '16

Volunteer Management Portal

A web app for nonprofits.

Opportunity Hack is a charity hackathon where hackers are paired with nonprofits to solve the real world problems they face. The Lost Our Home pet rescue needed a better way to track volunteers and encourage volunteers to keep coming back. Our solution revolved around easy to access scheduling and volunteer-hour leaderboards to encourage first time volunteers to return.

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NodeJS MongoDB ExpressJS Bootstrap Web Hackathon projects

TechBuds Chat

A realtime chat app in Vue

A penny stock trading community outgrew the size limit on their Slack team, so they hired us to replace it. Our back end relies on Mongo, Redis, Node, and Express; our front end uses Vue, Vue-router, and Materialize. handles real time communication between the two, and every ounce of javascript we write is transpiled by Babel. I'm in charge of the front end and responsible for the visual and architectural design of most of the SPA.

Unfortunately, this project is closed source, but it's not under NDA. I can't publish the code online, but I can show you if you ask.

Web NodeJS MongoDB ExpressJS VueJS BabelJS

Firebird Robotics Website

My First Real Website

I was on my high school's robotics team, and we needed a website. This is where I really learned CSS in depth, I handled the photography and wrote the entire site by hand fresh every year. I no longer control the content of the site, so instead of linking it directly, I'm linking it as it existed in two different school years while I was still in charge.

2014 School Year

2015 School Year