My name is Chuck.

I'm a tech person.


Technology is empowering. It can free us from the constraints of our feeble brain's ability to compute and multitask. It can allow us to create and think unrestrained by the laws of nature. It relieves us of the need to do repetetive tasks so we can be left to doing the work that humans are supposed to do, the work that requires thinking.

Despite all this wonderful potential, we often find ourselves struggling against it. The very technology that was supposed to make us faster, more efficient, more creative, and empower us is getting in the way and slowing us down. Technology should be helpful, it's not supposed to get in the way.

I take incredible pride in my work and I always deliver a polished, professional product. I'm the guy who takes a little bit of extra time to make sure there are no rough edges in any part of a layout. I'm the one who neatly bundles all the excess cabling behind your tv and ties it off with velcro. I get the job done right every time.

While you're here, you should check out Spaceoff, my new game. I hacked it together in a few hours one day then I spent about a weekend fine tuning the visuals, gameplay, and UI. There are still more updates I'm planning, but it's ready (and loads of fun) to play right now.



If you're looking for references, please contact me directly and I'll be happy to provide them. I'm not going to list my previous employers' contact information directly on my public website out of respect for their privacy.

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