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Digital Developer, The State Press

Computer Science Student, Arizona State University / 602.618.0414

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I'm a computer science student with experience in photography, digital and print graphic design, teaching, and leading. I've been "into computers" my whole life, but I didn't really get into the technical stuff until middle school, where I had to learn about networking and bash to run a minecraft server. Today, I do most of my work in JavaScript, but in my free time I experiment with VR and game design.

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Projects & Experience

1st Place

Desert Hacks '17

Virtual Keyality

A VR typing game.

The idea started as something of a joke, but after prototyping we realized that we stumbled upon a killer feature: when you're wearing the headset, you can't see your keyboard.

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Unity C# Virtual Reality SteamVR Hackathon projects

3rd Place

OHack '16

Volunteer Management Portal

A web app for nonprofits.

Opportunity Hack is a charity hackathon where hackers are paired with nonprofits to solve the real world problems they face. The Lost Our Home pet rescue needed a better way to track volunteers and encourage volunteers to keep coming back. Our solution revolved around easy to access scheduling and volunteer-hour leaderboards to encourage first time volunteers to return.

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