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I may sign up to be a contributor for iStockPhoto

I recently purchased Aperture from the Mac App Store, (the old system of folders and manually sortin pictures then duplicating them 10 times in photoshop for various edits just wasn’t working out) and as I browsed the 3rd party plugins, I saw an iStockPhoto uploaded. A lightbulb clicked. I plan on signing up to contribute so I can earn a little extra money on the side.

But chuck, I heard iStockPhoto doesn’t pay very much.
They don’t, but that’s ok. IStockPhoto was originally a free stock photo sharing site, then they decided to start charging to grow the site and to reward the photographers. This is not meant to be a sole source of income, that’s what the exclusive program is for. This is just a little extra cash on the side.

Here are three samples of my work: